Jessica Weber

Commercial Broker


Jessica Weber is a commercial real estate broker with Transworld specializing in food, health, and wellness space with an extensive background in food product development, marketing, production, distribution, and placement.

She started her career as a nutritionist and quickly became immersed in the natural food industry. In 2013 she founded a nut butter company Kalot Superfood, an easy way to incorporate delicious nutrition into the whole family’s diet. Before its acquisition in 2018, Kalot was sold in grocery stores nationwide, including Kroger and Whole Foods.

While building her first company, she found herself in the same position many entrepreneurs face, ultimately leading her to exit the company. Due to fast growth, high demand for the product, and extremely low margins, she found herself in total reliance on investors and brand equity, which ultimately led her to focus on her other greatest passion, which is real estate.

Real estate is what allowed her to not only start her food company but also sustain it for as long as it did. Since 2010 she’s been leveraging equity, renovating and flipping houses, and now working on projects in land development. She is on a mission to empower visionary entrepreneurs with opportunities for growth in expanding their business footprint and to own tangible assets like real property to leverage financial freedom for security and control and to protect their equity.