Todd Ross

Vice President of Sales


Todd Rossis the V.P. of Sales for Transworld Colorado, Dallas-Fort Worth and Las Vegas

A New York Native, he was an early entrepreneur from the ages of 18-32. He began by operating a Miami, FL based music festival production company where he raised $4.3M and produced hundreds of acts, most notably Tony Hawk, Snoop Dogg, Outkast and Stone Temple Pilots. At 26, he moved to Colorado to partner in an experiential marketing firm specializing in brand activation. Securing Google and YouTube as clients, Todd was recognized for his work at the 2008 Democratic National Convention as well as the product launches of Google Ocean (San Francisco), Google Moon (Washington D.C.), and Google Chrome Extensions (Google Headquarters).

Over the last 10 years Todd has grown multiple startups in the fintech space as a sales and operations leader. He has trained and mentored over 600 sales people, sales leaders, and C-level executives in sales, leadership, operations, conflict resolution, change management, and personal growth. Todd’s passion for personal growth led him to live in an 800-year-old Temple in Kunming, China for 30 days where he trained with Shaolin Warrior Buddhist Monks in Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and meditation. Todd joined Transworld as a vehicle to help entrepreneurs achieve opportunities for prosperity using innovative methodologies, compassion, integrity, and direct communication.