Troy Skaggs

Commercial Broker


With a decade of experience as a small business owner and a successful sale under his belt, Troy Skaggs brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role as a commercial business broker at Transworld Commercial Real Estate. Throughout his career, Troy has demonstrated a passion for working with people and negotiating deals that benefit all parties involved. His unwavering commitment to integrity and honesty is the foundation for his personal and professional business practices. 

Troy firmly believes in a “clients-first” mentality, always putting their needs and interests at the forefront. Troy is dedicated to guiding his clients, ensuring they receive exceptional service and optimal outcomes. 

Beyond his professional pursuits, Troy Skaggs strongly believes in the values of GFC: God, Family, and Country. Married for 13 years, he cherishes the love and support of his wife and two boys, aged 5 and 8, who bring immense joy and fulfillment to his life. 

When he’s not busy assisting clients or spending time with his family, Troy embraces his adventurous spirit and love for the outdoors. Whether it’s boating, wake surfing, or engaging in other water sports, he finds solace in the serenity of the lake and believes that every day spent there is a good day. Additionally, Troy enjoys hunting, golfing (a newfound passion), dirt biking with his sons, camping, and indulging in anything that involves speed and excitement. 

Troy’s dedication to helping others extends beyond the realm of business. He actively engages with non-profit organizations, leveraging his skills and resources to impact his community positively. Troy finds fulfillment in lending a helping hand wherever he can, embodying the spirit of service and generosity. 

With a strong blend of professional acumen, genuine care for his clients, and an adventurous outlook on life, Troy Skaggs is the ideal partner for anyone seeking a commercial real estate broker who will go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results.