Commercial Market Report Q4 2020

Commercial Market Report Q4 2020 –
Industrial Ends the Year with Record-Breaking Quarter Despite Pandemic

Q4 2020 Commercial Market Report- The market trends continued through the end of the year with Retail suffering the most, followed by Office. The Denver Office Market (OM) has softened following 10-years of solid growth. Industrial continues to prosper during the pandemic era with the high demands of e-commerce. Denver’s history of being a very much desired market (competitive jobs, outdoorsy lifestyle, family-work balance, amazing weather) is forecasted to survive the pandemic storm, unlike other city markets. Even through this recession, the professional and business job market had a 1.2% job growth, which equated to 3,900 new jobs. 

The Industrial Market

The pandemic shutdowns have had less of a negative hit on the industrial sector than in the retail or office. The e-commerce and 3PL tenants (storing or shipping businesses) continue to see an upward trend as consumers order more from home during the pandemic. Vacancies were below the long-term average even through the 2019 pandemic crisis with more than 6 million SF of deliveries. And another 6.2 million SF currently under construction. Rents are >60% above the peak of the previous cycle, which brought Denver to be the best performer in the nation. This past year’s rent growth did report to be moderate despite the trends of previous years. Investors in the IM remained enthusiastic about Denver’s sale record highs for the second year in a row. Pricing continues to rise, though at a more modest pace than in years past.

Q4 2020 Commercial Market Report
Q4 Market Report Rental Rates

How Can Entrepreneurs Take Advantage of the Q4 2020 Commercial Market?

During these times entrepreneurs should look for opportunities in owner-occupied spaces that have done well in years past. The ideal seller is a retiree who is ready to execute his/her succession plan. With today’s economic state, you may win a better deal and the seller will still walk away on the upside as well. Interest rates are at an all-time low, which makes it an ideal time to lock in those fixed-rate SBA 504 commercial real estate loans. Some lenders are offering financing for up to 90% LTV (loan-to-value ratio) with 25-year terms. For more information on how to benefit from the current market, contact Transworld Commercial Real Estate at 720-574-2953 or visit for more information.

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For more information on how to benefit from the current commercial real estate market, contact Transworld Commercial Real Estate at 720-574-2953 or visit


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