The Types of Commercial Property

The term commercial real estate is fairly general and refers to a host of commercial property types from traditional office buildings and office condos, to land slated for development, farmland, warehouse space and even a bowling alley. At its most basic, commercial real estate describes any type of real estate that is used for the purpose of making a profit for the building owner.

A Breakdown of Capital Market Options for Purchasing Commercial Real Estate

If you are preparing to finance a commercial real estate investment, you are in an unprecedented market where capital is available across many different platforms offering both traditional and more creative opportunities to finance a commercial real estate acquisition. Securing the appropriate financing for your investment project is a critical part of the acquisition process, whether you are a real estate investor, an owner occupied building owner, or a net investment seeker.

Enterprise Zones and Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Enterprise zones offer businesses a bundle of state and local incentives to encourage economic development in economically distressed areas. What is an Enterprise Zone? By definition an enterprise zone is designed to promote a business friendly environment in economically distressed areas by offering state income tax credits that incentivize businesses to locate and develop within […]