Commercial Market Report Q1 2021

Commercial Market Report Q1 2021 –
Industrial Remains the Leading Sector this Quarter as Retail and Office Begin to Open Up

Market Overview

Day-to-day life has gone back to the “old-normal” this quarter somewhat as we overcome the Covid-19 pandemic. This is an optimistic trend as we wrap up 2021’s first quarter. The wait-and-see approach is definitely shifting as social distancing mandates ease and we return to business as usual. Retail has been the most heavily impacted in a negative way, followed by the Office market. However, Denver’s prosperous years of development continue to grow despite the setbacks. There has been an uptick in transaction activity within the market this quarter.

The Retail Market (RM)

The RM is by far the most heavily impacted by the pandemic-induced downturn. The Mile High City, as we sit at 5,280 feet above sea level, has been a hotspot since the late 1850s when gold was discovered around Cherry Creek. It also gifts us with the Rocky Mountain backdrop, which converts Denver into one of the most desirable cities to live, work, play and visit.

E-commerce too has been making an impact on consumer buying habits for years. The pandemic definitely pushed that trend even more. As financial gains were on a downturn prior to the start of Covid, now local (and even national) tenants have been forced to make tough decisions. If we look back at this time last year, Rental Rates were as follows: Retail now at $23.28 vs. 23.21, Office now ▼ at $28.75 vs. $29.72, and Industrial now at $10.13 vs. $9.97.

How can investors take advantage
of the current market?

With real estate values up, Colorado’s 1031 Exchange can be beneficial to investors looking to defer capital gains on the sale of one property. It is part of the IRC tax regulations (Internal Revenue Code) and allows investors to sell investment properties and acquire “like–kind” properties while deferring federal – and possibly state – capital gains taxes. One of the requirements is that an independent party must act as a qualified intermediary to hold your funds between the sale of your relinquished property and the purchase of your replacement property. Not all States recognize the 1031 Exchange, but Colorado is on the list. Visit for full requirements and the timeline to duly qualify for this opportunity.

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